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Outdoor garden furniture, work benches

  • Address:
    Benedict Square Unit 2
    Peterborough, PE4 6GD
  • Telephone:

Arbor Garden Solutions Ltd.

Reg No. 10522251
VAT No. 259 5117 85
Dhc Business Centre,
226 Dogsthorpe Road,
Peterborough, England,

Products storage and pickup place:
Unit 11,
Cattle Dyke, Wisbech, PE1 34NR

Company email: sales@arborgardensolutions.co.uk

Sales Managers:
Gediminas Surna
Phone: 07552049343
Email: sales@arborgardensolutions.co.uk

Mindaugas Skackovas
Phone: 07404113424
Email: sales@arborgardensolutions.co.uk


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